SynapseIndia Trainings helps in overall growth of employees

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SynapseIndia trainings program are designed as per the global trends. Various types of training like Quality Training, Technical training, Process Training etc are held that enables us to get knowledge and increase our skills in various domains.

Serial Entrepreneur Shamit Khemka says, “Training at the workplace helps to create a competitive environment for employees. It also helps them to razor sharp their professional skills.”

At SynapseIndia, we believe that better training leads to better processes and more efficient work. Providing training in various fields helps us in the overall growth of our skills and turn us into brilliant professionals of tomorrow.

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SynapseIndia Trainings aims to inculcate professional skills

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A leading IT outsourcing company SynapseIndia works on the latest technologies and deliver the robust solutions to the worldwide clients.

SynapseIndia Trainings help the freshers or IT professionals to learn new technologies and develop the required skills. The veteran professionals at SynapseIndia provide the theoretical and practical trainings to the trainees.

Shamit Khemka, Founder of  SynapseIndia, aims to help the trainees in acquiring latest skills. He says “Skill development trainings under the professional guidance help the trainees in getting prepared for rewarding career opportunities.”

SynapseIndia Trainings create job opportunities for the trainees and they are provided the opportunity to start their first job at SynapseIndia.

It helps them in excelling their skills and make them dedicated professionals who are ready to accept corporate challenges.

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SynapseIndia Trainings – Adding wings to your dream career pursuit.

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SynapseIndia Trainings empower the freshers, job seekers, and professionals to learn new skills, to understand new technologies and corporate working culture.
Rendered by the veteran professional, SynapseIndia organizes different training programs in diverse technological domains. It helps the job seekers, college pass outs and the IT professionals to learn the practical aspects of the software, application, and website development industry.

Shamit Khemka, SynapseIndia Founder, believes in well-organized training programs. He says “Expert training by IT veterans nurtures the skills and opens the gateway to the evergreen career scopes.”

The candidates who want to establish themselves as a reputed IT professionals are getting the immense advantage of SynapseIndia trainings.

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SynapseIndia trainings helps the employes to enhance their skills


SynapseIndia Trainings programs are designed to groom us with the latest technological trends.

At the organization, we get regular training to enhance our technical, communication as well as behavioral skills.

Shamit Khemka, SynapseIndia Founder, believes that effective employee development starts with improvements in an individual’s performance, which then transfer to his or her localized workplace, and ultimately result in a positive impact on the whole organization.

The training programs are taken by brilliant and experienced professionals who share their experience which gives us greater insights of corporate work-culture.

It is the result of effective training in the organization, that I have seen a lot of improvement in myself both at personal and professional levels.

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We learn with the experience in SynapseIndia and then share our learnings with colleagues as trainings

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SynapseIndia trainings are unique in many ways.

Here, we learn many new things with experience. Whether it is a new technology or a new update, learning never stops here. Once we are skilled enough, we share our experience with colleagues and team members.

Leader Shamit Khemka believes that Knowledge is a public good, that means it is non-excludable & non-rivalrous. The more you share your experience and knowledge with others, the more you learn new things.

At SynapseIndia, we believe in knowledge sharing and follow this approach during training which training process at the organization unique.

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